Maturity IT-Benchmarking

Maturity is the innovative consulting company that has exclusively specialised, on an international scale, in IT benchmarking, IT controlling and IT governance.

Within the scope of IT cost-effectiveness analyses, Maturity compares the effectiveness ("doing the right thing") and efficiency ("getting it right") of the information technology used by a clients with selected data from companies that have similar requirements and comparable complexity (IT benchmarking). The aim is not to achieve cost optimisation at all cost, but to sensibly optimise the cost-benefit ratio taking all economic criteria into account. Our clients are small and medium businesses and also internationally active corporations from all sectors.

Maturity benchmarks create transparency in our clients' IT operations. Are services provided as the best in their class or are there possibilities to optimise? If improvement potentials are identified, individual recommendations for their implementation are presented.
By the realising effective and efficient IT, the aim is to ensure companies' economic security and ability to survive in future.


Skill gap analysis

Integrated Skill Management

Personnel is the biggest cost block in IT. Instead of saving across the board, enterprises should be making targeted use of their resources. Integrated skill management improves efficiency and effectiveness, ties specialists to the enterprise and offers attractive spheres of activity for IT talents.

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Ergebnisbeispiel der TVIT 4D Scorecard

Cooperation between itSMF and Maturity

TVIT 4D Scorecard is the name of a new analysis method evolved by itSMF and Maturity. Enterprises can utilise it to record the quality, customer satisfaction, process maturity and costs of their IT at a glance and compare them against a benchmark. Key performance indicators (KPIs) and deviations from the market indicate the status of IT and show room for improvement.

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Andritz – SAP costs reviewed

The Austrian technology group Andritz reviewed effort and performance in its SAP environment by means of two benchmark projects. The focus was on internal costs and transfer prices as well as an outsourcing agreement for the SAP infrastructure. While the outsourced …

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