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We are Maturity

“At the core of our service is our aim of only comparing apples with apples, and only then arriving at the correct conclusions.”

Our origins lie in data on the use of IT in businesses. They come from top European, global organisations in all sectors, collected and validated in Maturity projects. As a result, our clients can learn from the decisions taken by the best.

We are driven by individual questions about the efficiency, effectiveness and flexibility of IT. These relate to internal and external IT services and cover finance, complexity, volumes and quality. We prepare the factual groundwork for soundly-based decisions by clients – in short: Data Driven Decisions


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How we help

Maturity advises organisations on their IT decisions, based on information and experience. The aim is to set the right direction for a successful future, based around three dimensions:


Are we doing what we do the right way?


Is what we are doing the right thing?


How can we set our­selves up for the future?

What distinguishes us


Maturity is owner-run, self-financed and independent of other companies. Neither individual clients nor service providers exert influence over our results. Our consultants are focussed on their project business.

High quality

Our information is based exclusively on current data which we have gathered, validated and quality assured ourselves. They enable well-founded decisions, even in specific client situations – Data Driven Decisions.


Maturity was founded in 2001, but the team had already been working in IT benchmarking and IT sourcing. Since then, we have handled over 4,000 projects. They range from the operational level to the C level, from the financial sector to industry, from clients to providers.


Instead of rigid questionnaires, we rely on workshops, templates and close agreement in gathering the client’s data. That enables us to understand what motivates them and to consider the client’s specific situation.


Our clients range from upper-tier SMEs to major international corporate groups in all sectors. We have learned to adapt flexibly to requirements, expectations and corporate cultures.


We assess decisions and business cases with all possible options in mind. We look at the benefits, feasibility, and risks. Our focus is on harmonising effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility in the client’s interests.

Safe and secure

We maintain and protect our data, as it is the nucleus of Maturity. Our well-established processes enable us to take account of individual project situations.

  • All data in our database is stored as anonymized raw data on our servers in Germany.
  • A central database team ensures objective results, quality assurance and a high-performance client interface.
  • Comprehensive, current and verifiable key ratios create a sound basis for commercially successful strategies.
  • We take account of regional legal frameworks for data protection and data security in our international projects.
  • All IT services are fully mapped in our analysis model via a full-cost analysis. This means that the results can be reused for other functions in the company.

The future of IT is emerging at many locations. As a member of our team, you will be an integral part of the exciting experience.

Become part
of the team

Members of the Maturity team tackle challenging tasks, develop feasible solutions and communicate with our clients as equals. Having in-depth knowledge which is kept up to date at all times and put to best use in realising client aims, your profile will be rounded off with a capacity to put yourself in the client’s shoes and to be a team player. Welcome aboard!

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