Swisscom - Pricing IT services at market levels

Hans Leuenberger, Swisscom IT Services

Swisscom IT Services, a subsidiary of Swisscom AG, is an IT outsourcing and professional IT services partner for businesses from every sector of industry. Its client base includes leading players such as the airline Swiss, Schweizerische Bahnen (SBB), the railway operator, and several Swiss banks. Among its most important customers, though, are its sister companies in the Swisscom group.

As one of the leading IT service providers, the company is determined to optimise its product range continually. One of its objectives is to provide first-class services at transparent prices that are appropriate to the market, both for the Swisscom group and for its clients on the third market. To ensure that it remains the first port of call for its clients, the company is continually reviewing its attractiveness to the market. “In benchmarking, we wanted to compare our current services and prices with the market”, says Hans Leuenberger, the programme manager responsible. To enable continued successful growth on the market in the future, the product portfolio had to be reviewed and expanded. The idea behind the benchmarking was to determine the market prices for these new services.

Data basis determines success of the project

After looking at several suppliers, Leuenberger opted for Maturity. As well as the quality of its presentation, he was also convinced by the consultants expertise and the reference projects. “All enquiries were answered professionally, and Maturity is a benchmarking specialist anyway”, explains Leuenberger.

The benchmarking project followed a strict timetable of some four months. The success of the project hinged crucially on Swisscom IT Services specifying firm requirements for data collection. Maturity gave the company valuable ideas and suggestions for reviewing the portfolio. One of the central elements was the expansion of the service and product structure. The 3-tier server architecture is a new feature: not only can this type of architecture be better maintained than other solutions, it also comes at a lower cost. In addition, Maturity identified unexploited potential in the areas of storage/back-up, midrange servers and mainframe hosting.

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