The Cost/Performance Benchmark

In a classical IT benchmark test, costs and services of an internal IT organisation are measured against anonymous key performance indicators (KPIs) of other enterprises. Thus, IT managers and controllers can find out exactly where parts of the internal IT or the entire organisation stand, where there is a need for action and what areas are performing with above-average efficiency.

We offer absolute accuracy, independence and objectivity in our statements. All our key performance indicators originate from own cost-effectiveness analyses. Many customers undertake benchmark tests with Maturity at regular intervals. Thanks to our set of methods and our approach, they save valuable time because they do not need to fill out any questionnaires. As a result, we simultaneously ensure maximum data quality and validity in the data gathering process and thus also in the database.

Each assessment can be individually designed to the desired level of granularity (overview or detailed) and for all IT domains (infrastructure, applications, IT processes and IT services). Thanks to the model developed by Maturity, our clients not only receive nominal/actual comparisons as are usual in the sector, but also valuable information on solutions for their specific problems. A holistic approach across technology, organisation and processes enables IT coordinators to get closer to "best of breed" status within a foreseeable time and to then become the standard for other enterprises.