IT Organisation

Reducing the cost of applications

Once they have optimised their IT infrastructure, the attention of IT management is now increasingly being drawn towards the price/performance ratio of the applications. Benchmarks offer a cast-iron way of demonstrating that efficiently-run application environments are something well worth achieving.

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Market Price Benchmarking

Benchmarking plays an increasingly important role in the management of IT, and market price benchmarking in particular is becoming more and more significant in line with the growing trend towards outsourcing.  A new reference book explores market price benchmarking and the position it occupies in the management of today’s IT.

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Approach for a fair comparison

Many benchmarks use the mean value of the comparison group as a reference value. However, the mean value is often regarded as the “mediocre average”. The median can be used as an alternative approach to achieve a fair comparison for customers and service providers.

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Is my network worth the money?

In the internet age corporate networks must work harder than ever before. The volume of data to be carried is climbing all the time, while requirements on reliability and security rise constantly – and in the medium term at least, there is no end in sight. Careful benchmarking allows companies to check whether their networks are up to the task and worth the money.

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