Benchmarking WAN Prices

FastView WAN is a benchmarking service from Maturity. It maps the current level of market prices for WAN connectivity and is tailored specifically to the client's individual requirements.
Current market prices for WAN connectivity

IT organisations need a fast assessment of the prices they pay for WAN and single-line connectivity: Are the prices still in line with the market, at whatever stage in the term of the contract? A benchmark comparison with current market levels is highly relevant when changes in the WAN market are so fast and when prices are continuously falling.

A quick assessment pays off: FastView WAN from Maturity will show the appropriate price level for each client's WAN environment, so that market price information is only provided for WAN lines that a client actually uses. The results of the WAN benchmark are delivered more quickly and at a lower cost than through a normal benchmarking approach.

In addition, FastView WAN also reduces the effort required from the client’s internal resources to gather all benchmarking information. The results of the individual assessment are available to the IT organisation within four weeks of the kick-off workshop.

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