Questions to: Dr Jörg Raaymann

Dr Jörg Raaymann, CIO of the Landesbank Hessen-Thüringen (Helaba), is a proponent of outsourcing. In a brief interview with Maturity he gives a summary of his reasons.
Helaba CIO Dr Jörg Raaymann
Helaba CIO Dr Jörg Raaymann


Raaymann: We must be able to create scope for our IT by outsourcing operational areas. Anything that is not part of Helaba’s core business is outsourced – as consistently as possible. The parts which are critical to our business will continue to be kept in-house. Desktop management is not one of the central tasks of a financial services company. The points in favour of choosing HP as our partner included their reputation on the market and the references from similar companies. Furthermore, according to our research, they have a track record of working well with other service providers.


Raaymann: I made it a priority to put together a team which contained a great deal of experience with tenders and contract negotiations. One of the keys to success was that our preparations were very thorough. Our service inquiries (RFI) and price inquiries (RFQ) took us a great deal of work and the content of our tender (RFP) was extremely detailed. Maturity confirmed this to us after the event as part of their assessment.


Raaymann: Benchmarks are a good complement or supplement to the preparations to have your own assessments verified by a third party. They have nothing to do with mistrust but as far as I am concerned involve obtaining expert knowledge from the market to obtain confirmation of our decisions from a neutral source. What it means is that it is possible to use a sparring partner in the background when questions arise. That helps to strength your own negotiating position. The services providers approve because at the end of the day they are hoping to get confirmation that their prices are good.

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