IT Benchmarking

IT benchmarks are the backbone of Maturity's work. With them, IT organisations can measure themselves against a comparison group (a peer group) – in terms of costs, performance, complexity and quality of both the entire organisation and individual IT segments. A benchmark test delivers detailed facts on the basis of which IT coordinators and controllers can specifically optimise the price-performance ratio and can take necessary strategic decisions.

The flexible Maturity model based on a modular structure enables benchmarking projects to be tailored exactly to customers’ needs. Our benchmarks are available not only for the IT services provided internally, but also for outsourced services and other externally procured IT services. Improvement potentials are specifically detected thanks to an objective cost-effectiveness analysis and comparison with other enterprises – deficits can thus be balanced out and existing strengths can be fostered. Thus, our clients are always optimally prepared for their relevant business requirements.