2018 Day Rates for IT Consultants: Infrastructure

Maturity has determined the current daily rates for consultants in the area of IT infrastructure. Things are looking up - from onsite support to IT architects.

2018 Day rates IT Consultants

February 2018 –  The day rates for external IT consultants will rise significantly in 2018. This applies to all skill levels from onsite support to IT architects. In the uppermost skill level, the increase is just under five percent. This is the result of our annual evaluation of day rates in the area of IT infrastructure for consultants from outsourcing service providers.

Here, Maturity analyses a large number of existing contracts through IT benchmarks. Freelancers are usually below the values. However, there are also various ways of reducing the costs for external consultants in the outsourcing contract - such as long-term purchase agreements for a fixed booking period or an agreed number of hours.

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