Maturity survey: Workplace of the future

Maturity has conducted a survey to examine the status and drivers of the workplace of the future. In every third company, top management is responsible for implementation.

Workplace of the future: relevance

The workplace of the future is currently moving many companies in Europe. After all, most of their office workplaces must be made fit for the requirements of the years to come. Flexibility, data access anywhere and at any time, security, communication and collaboration are necessary to take up the dynamics of digital transformation and to retain employees.

The development is driven by the requirements of the business units and the workforce, but also by the intended reduction in office space. This is primarily due to IT management and the senior management, as our survey presented here shows: In every third company, top management drives the development and implementation of the workplace change. This is a cornerstone of success. After all, many building sites in the organisation - HR, legal, processes, real estate and office furnishings as well as IT - must be prioritised and coordinated.

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