Press Releases

Workplace of the future: relevance

Maturity survey: Workplace of the future

Maturity has conducted a survey to examine the status and drivers of the workplace of the future. In every third company, top management is responsible for implementation.

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Day Rates Application Development

Day rates for IT consultants: Application development 2018

Maturity has determined the 2018 day rates for consultants and experts in the field of application development. Prices are going upwards again.

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IT Project Management Methods

2018 Strategic IT Agenda

Our annual survey on IT trends showed that digitalisation remains by far the most important topic for IT organisations. Cloud computing and IT security are also increasing significantly in importance.

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2018 Day rates IT Consultants

2018 Day Rates for IT Consultants: Infrastructure

Maturity has determined the current daily rates for consultants in the area of IT infrastructure. Things are looking up - from onsite support to IT architects.

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Strategic IT topics

2017 Strategic IT Agenda

Our annual survey on IT trends showed that digitalisation is by far the most important issue on the CIO agenda. On the other hand, many traditional topics of the IT organisation fell behind.

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