References – Our Benchmark

Many renowned enterprises rely on Maturity's experience when it comes to IT benchmarking and IT consulting. They have decided in favour of our state of the art comparison database, absolute confidentiality of information which we have gathered and the commitment and specialist knowledge of our employees. Since being founded in 2001, our consultants have completed over 3,000 benchmark projects – for new and existing customers in Europe and branch offices from Asia-Pacific to the United States.

Maturity’s international client database is huge, with over 70 per cent made up of global companies from Bupa and Fortum to Lloyd’s Register and Neste Oil. Core to our deliverable is our ability to identify how a client stands in relation to its peers, and to select from our database a set of organisations against which we can make valid external comparisons. By understanding the client environment in this way, we can help our clients get to the root of their problems more effectively. Our swift and professional process seeks not only to minimise cost, but also to optimise service in the context of the demands of the business.

We will be pleased to send you an anonymous reference list if you are interested in an overview of our clients. As an alternative, you will find in-depth case studies on Maturity IT benchmarking and IT consulting projects.