Actual Market Prices for WAN Connections

FastView WAN is a new WAN benchmarking service from Maturity. This preconfigured service enables IT organisations to make a fast assessment of the prices they pay for WAN and single-line connectivity. Using our high level FastView WAN, we can deliver results more quickly and at a lower cost than through the normal benchmarking approach that is geared for more complex environments. FastView WANmaps the current level of market prices and can be tailored specifically to the client's individual requirements.

Fast and up to date

Our clients get significant benefit from benchmarking their WAN. A comparison with current market levels is highly relevant when changes in the WAN market are so fast and when prices are continuously falling. A full benchmark to assess a client's WAN costs lasts eight to ten weeks and often requires substantial internal effort to support the benchmark when it comes to measuring the various factors that influence WAN costs. We would, for example, look at speed, service level agreements (SLAs), backup facilities installed and their ownership, as well as responsibilities for the configuration.

Smaller IT organisations with a less complex WAN environment have different requirements. They need a general idea of whether the prices they are paying are still in line with the market, at whatever stage they are in the term of the contract. FastView WAN from Maturity will show the appropriate price level for each client's WAN environment, so that market price information is only provided for WAN lines that a client actually uses. In addition to reducing the cost, this approach also reduces the effort required from the client’s internal resources.

FastView WAN – Advantages for Clients

Benchmark Type

FastView WAN is a pure price benchmark. Internal and external effort – and so cost – is managed by focusing on the high level cost and performance information that all clients will have available. The FastView WAN approach is ideal for small and medium IT organisations where a classical WAN benchmark would be “overkill”.

Project Scope

Depending on the IT organisation's requirement, FastView WAN covers the prices of up to 30 different WAN lines (single lines, wide-area networks, national and international). Clients select the scope and cost of the project to match their individual requirements.

Project Workflow

An experienced Maturity consultant gathers all required information about the client's WAN and single lines. This task includes the kick-off and data collection meetings on site, which last up to one day. Maturity's back office validates the information, performs a comparison against information in our database of real market prices, and calculates the current market price for presentation to the client.

Data Validity

The market figures for WAN services are based on data gathered by Maturity within the scope of classical benchmark projects for national and international clients. Maturity's back office checks and updates the database at regular intervals. As the market price in the WAN sector changes so frequently, we will only use comparative data that we have collected within the last twelve months.

Fast Response Time

The results of the individual FastView WAN are available to the client within four weeks of the kick-off workshop.

Presentation of Results

We send the client a presentation in electronic format of the peer group's current average prices for WAN connectivity. The Maturity consultant explains all the results by telephone or via a web conference. Then our WAN expert is also available for an in-depth discussion if required.