Impartial IT Consulting

Maturity connects the objective metrics from benchmarking projects with the expertise and experience of its consultants. The combined approach sets us apart from traditional consulting companies and their solutions which usually depend on their own best practices and opinions. Through the systematic assessment of an IT benchmark, our experts can ensure that concrete results and recommendations can be applied immediately to the individual situation of the client. In addition, we always have an eye on the market and can answer questions about current IT costs, IT services and IT trends.

The IT benchmark and the comparability with the market open new opportunities in consulting, which extend beyond the targeted optimization of IT operations. We support our clients in the definition of roles and responsibilities, key performance indicators (KPIs), process improvements and standardization of the IT organization. This applies even more in sourcing scenarios where we can apply our consulting expertise from support in RFI and RFP via the design of services and contracts to the content, service levels and structures of IT services.

With targeted "what-if" analyses, business cases and simulations, our consultants can describe how strategic IT decisions will affect the organization: Will the data centre consolidation, virtualization and the move to the cloud pay off even if all costs and risks for the implementation and operation are taken into account? We also use actual KPIs from companies which we have analyzed to account for realistic developments in areas like IT capacity and IT quality.