Reliable Decisions

Not only with trending topics such as data centre consolidation, outsourcing or virtualization: IT managers must be sure in advance of any project that a strategic decision will pay off for the company. The aim is to limit the risks of all opportunities and to identify the optimal route for further development. While saving effects for IT are identified quickly on a strategic level, it is more difficult to define the detailed requirements and set valid priorities. Benchmark assessments serve as a foundation to set up strategies and choices for the optimization of IT.

Based on normalized data of IT benchmarks our experts can show a client how the proposed change scenario has paid off in other companies. By comparing anonymized and normalized key figures of a peer group with the client organization, the probable result of a strategic decision can be derived. As a result, the customer receives a statement as to whether a planned way actually leads to its destination. This allows managers from IT and the business to make reliable decisions and minimize their risks.