IT Governance

IT governance constitutes a framework within the boundaries of which an IT organisation is to support its customers to the best extent possible. The principles of management and organisation are stipulated by senior management to be able to standardise, monitor and optimise costs, quality and risk control throughout the enterprise. The goal is to align business and IT, i.e. to build a bridge between two separate worlds.

Maturity joins forces with clients in setting up effective controlling instruments for IT. These are based on key performance indicator systems such as the Balanced Scorecard (BSC), which provide information about the consumption of resources and the value contributed by each service. Costs and service performance can be determined thanks to Maturity's integrated KPI model. Further tools are the ITIL and COBIT governance frameworks. Moreover, our consultants assess the success of IT projects, help to plan and control them and support clients in the area of portfolio management. Our approach to these projects also guarantees our independence.