IT Metrics und KPIs

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) represent an efficient way to gain a quick overview of IT performance and identify fields of action promptly. The theoretical approach from top down, however, as it is frequently implemented based on the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) often has the disadvantage that it does not reflect the actual structure of the organization adequately. The development of an effective performance measurement system is a step that can pay off - KPIs as a management tool have great potential if they are used correctly.

In an IT benchmarking project, our consultants determine the KPIs of IT organizations in order to compare them with market levels. From this long-standing experience, we can help companies to develop or adapt their own effective performance measurement systems. We always follow a pragmatic approach which builds on real processes of an organization. It includes small steps with limited project effort and focuses on areas where the benchmark has identified the greatest potential for improvement.

Performance measurement systems out of the box will only fit in very rare cases. Companies need to find the best definition, ask the right questions, measure accurately, take small steps and make adjustments. The key is the connection of top-level and operational metrics. Only with reliable information can IT managers solve their problems and keep the organization on track.