Optimized Operations

The optimization of IT operations is the backbone of our consulting business. By undertaking an IT benchmark any company can recognize and respond to their specific strengths and weaknesses in the area of IT operations. The goal is not to cut costs at any price, but to determine the best value for money which will incorporate the requirements of the customers.

Maturity’s structured information model allows consideration of all relevant drivers of an IT service. These include financial aspects (depreciation, periods of use), quantity structures (volumes, use of resources), service specifications (quality delivered, accepted risks) and specific features of the organization (complexity of the environment and specific technology).

With our detailed analysis, the customer and our consultants receive comprehensive results that can be used as a stable basis for decisions regarding strategy and operation of the optimized IT organization. Methods such as standardization, consolidation, centralization and virtualization of IT can utilize their actual potential in the individual context of the client.