Professional IT Services

Internal IT organizations are increasingly competing with external service providers for their customers in the line of business. It's not just about the efficient provision of services, but also issues such as structure, quality and billing. Traditional IT departments need to become more professional if they intend to act as a service centre because the requirements of the business units have increased through more and more relationships with external providers.

Maturity advises organizations regarding design, structure and pricing of their IT services. The Maturity Service Library (MSL), which is based on independent benchmark assessments, supports our consultants to define IT service modules which align consistently to the current market structure and best practices. We help to document the content and quality of all IT services, to standardize them and to achieve cost transparency through market comparison, which customers demand. This allows business units to control IT costs through their level of service demand – which is not possible with flat-rate allocation models.

Maturity supports companies in the discipline of IT Service Management (ITSM) to bring IT processes and the requirements of internal customers in line. Closely following the Maturity Model of Carnegie Mellon University as well as methods such as ITIL and CobiT, our consultants can determine process maturity levels and compare them with targets and market values. In addition, we determine the performance of IT processes and analyze the KPIs to gain indications for action. By direct comparison with peer companies, both business units and IT organizations have the certainty that their IT services are financially and qualitatively on a professional level.