IT Sourcing

The maxim that the profit is in purchasing also applies to IT organisations. Apart from the pure cost aspect, though, it is also important in IT sourcing to assess potential supplier relationships on the basis of strategic criteria. Wrong decisions in the procurement of both internal and external IT services have a long after-effect, can only be corrected with difficulty and can throw an enterprise off the success track. Due to the transformation of IT services towards a business with pooled products, the leverage effects of IT procurement will continue to rise in future.

Maturity accompanies CIOs and purchasers when reviewing their IT sourcing strategies, develops concepts for procurement of IT services and backs make or buy decisions with hard facts. If processes are to be outsourced so that enterprises can concentrate on their core competencies, we stand by our clients when selecting suitable service providers. This goes far beyond a pure price comparison. Our employees also check contracts, service documents, service level agreements (SLAs) and the required prices in relation to their market conformity – at the respective time and on the basis of the permanently updated Maturity database. The latter is essential for optimum IT sourcing decisions because offer and demand are constantly changing.

Thanks to its daily benchmarking experience, Maturity possesses sound experience of structured IT efficiency improvement. This is why we can contribute to cutting our clients' internal and external IT costs, at the same time boosting quality. Systematic IT sourcing is the key for enabling cost-effective IT operation.