Satisfaction of IT Staff

Is your IT organisation equipped with the right tools? How is the team's staffing level estimated to achieve IT goals? Does IT fulfil the role as a consultant to the business units, and what about their service orientation? Answers to these questions give you an insight into the satisfaction of the IT staff and form the basis for the acceptance of your IT services.

Our studies about employee satisfaction are flexible and scalable. The Maturity web portal allows it to conduct international surveys in different languages and with individual questions, all compliant with local data protection regulations and strictly confidential.

Maturity surveys provide fast results. Our basic set explores the general satisfaction of IT staff and shows your position in a benchmark comparison with other companies. Individual questions, such as training requests or the evaluation of critical projects such as ERP implementations, give you direct feedback on the mood in your company.

With our sample calculator you can evaluate the size of your poll for a representative survey. In addition, we offer a free trial access to our survey portal.

We will be happy to send you personal access information on request.