Maturity – Setting the Benchmark

Maturity is the independent expert for IT benchmarking and IT consulting. We support executives to optimise the costs of their information technology and help them to analyse in which areas effectiveness ("doing the right thing") and efficiency ("getting it right") can be boosted. This includes internally delivered as well as externally sourced IT services. Benchmarking gives our clients the certainty that the IT cost:benefit ratio is optimal for their requirements.

Our experts undertake IT benchmarking projects with a focus on European companies but also in global branch offices. Employing our state of the art comparison model, we measure our customers’ IT against detailed data and compare them with KPIs based on the achievements of other organisations – this is because success arises out of competition. Objective, current and verifiable KPIs ensure that strategic IT decisions are made on an informed basis.

The company was founded in 2001 in Germany and has offices in six European countries. Maturity’s employees are experienced benchmarking specialists who focus exclusively on IT effectiveness and IT efficiency. The team consists of IT subject matter experts, benchmarking specialists, experienced IT and business consultants, computer scientists, economists and industrial engineers. We have completed more than 3,000 IT benchmarks for our customers.