IT Consulting – Our Principles


Existing IT benchmark models are either highly technical/functional or primarily oriented at economic and process aspects. These models are sometimes over 30 years old and employ largely standardized approaches which cannot take current issues and IT specifications into account. Maturity’s approach addresses today’s IT service scope and challenges in a flexible manner ensuring our customers’ models and issues drive the process. Our state of the art IT benchmarks deliver results and recommendations which help our customers optimise internally delivered and externally sourced IT services


Maturity is a reliable partner and we are committed to the economic success of our customers. We are independent and objective advisors and we have based our business on flexible, customer focused solutions. As well as benchmarking services we also provide additional consulting for requirements in the service spectrum close to benchmarking.


The demand for operational excellence refers not only to the implementation of the benchmarking project, but also to optimizing the IT of our customers. Focus is never on cost minimisation at all cost, but on optimising the cost:benefit ratio, taking into account all the economic and structural criteria that characterise a modern IT organisation. Maturity’s operational excellence is guaranteed by our consultants and their experience from over 3,000 benchmarks and completed consulting projects. On the basis of their know-how, we systematically develop new analysis processes – adjusted dynamically to our customers' individual requirements.


Maturity takes social responsibility seriously. We manage our business in a sustainable manner – economically, socially and ecologically. Instead of being geared towards short-term profit based thinking, our company strategy is orientated to criteria that ensure lasting profitability. Maturity is as culturally diverse as the various markets in which we operate and creates a working climate that fosters initiative and willingness to perform. Only enterprises that act responsibly can keep the best clients, employees and business partners in the long term. In turn, all parties profit equally.