IT Benchmarking - Turn To Clear Vision

01 // Benchmarking Principles

In this video we explain the basic principles and success factors of an up-to-date IT benchmarking project. The focus is on content and structure of our database, the analytical method and the best practices that we use to measure, compare and optimise the IT performance of our clients.

02 // Maturity Service Library

In this video we present our Maturity Service Library (MSL). It is based on current benchmarking data and offers a distinct framework to comprehend and specify internal as well as external IT services. The results can be used for a gap analysis, a service catalogue or to review an outsourcing agreement.

03 // Benchmarking – A Different Approach

In this video we show the practise of benchmarking through the history of mankind, how it is used to optimise cost and performance and how we match apples and oranges in enterprise IT.